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We are properly trained in diagnosing dangerous trees and recognizing factors that may contribute to tree failure. We do not take a biased approach when evaluating trees for risk. Our job is to provide you with all of the facts and help you make an informed decision regarding the safety, health, and appeal of your trees.

For many homeowners, evaluating tree health and potential tree removal can be difficult. Consider the following signs and conditions when assessing the trees in your own yard.

Unsightly and dangerous, dead trees should be removed from your property as soon as possible to avoid creating hazardous conditions or incurring greater costs. Wood becomes unstable the longer it is left to rot, and, if left for too long, the tree will be so unstable that arbortists will not be able to climb it to trim larger limbs. The tree will then require specialized equipment to remove and increase the overall cost of removal.

Aesthetically Challenged Trees

Sometimes a tree is removed simply because it’s too dang ugly. Yard aesthetics and curb appeal are important, but landscapes require diversity to be complete, meaning that not all crooked, gangly, or unattractive trees should be removed. However, if a tree is so unappealing that it distracts from the beauty of the yard or home, Top Tree Services can remove it safely and efficiently.

Structurally Unstable Trees

Like dead trees, trees that have become structurally unsound present a significant hazard to home and personal safety. Instability may be the result of number of factors, including disease, pests, and poor tree health. Vigilance is key to spotting unstable trees before they become dangerous.

Landscape Needs

Arborists and tree specialists are often on the front lines of any new landscaping process. Tree removal is incorporated into new landscape designs, and Top Tree Services works closely with landscape architects to ensure we meet all landscaping goals. Top Tree Services is committed to making your trees, and your yard, look their very best.

Overcrowded Area

Because trees are large plants that grow best when they do not have to compete with one another, thinning of overcrowded areas may be essential to maintain the health of your trees. Assessing overcrowded conditions and determining which trees should be removed is a work should only be conducted under the supervision of an experienced arborist. Top Tree Services will gladly come out and assess which trees should be removed or pruned so others can properly develop.

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